Sohn Linen Service: Covid-19 Response

Dear Valued Customers and Partners,

We, at Sohn Linen Service, Inc., are writing to connect with you and share information at a time when many people feel the uncertainty that comes with the unknowns about this developing situation.  As you are aware, the COVID-19 outbreak has caused us all to take a closer look at how we manage our day to day interactions.  We, at Sohn Linen Service, are certain that the many significant efforts to address this public health issue will succeed over time and we will emerge from this.

Our Company has a strong commitment to, and appreciation for, our people, customers and the communities where we live and work. For us, the health and well-being of our customers and employees is our number one priority.  We recognize the important role we play in providing essential products to our customers, as well as job security to our employees. As this major outbreak continues to develop, we think it is important to share some of our existing and proactive measures we take to ensure a safe environment for everyone. n

  • Laundering:  Our laundry process has always followed the guidelines recommended by OSHA and the CDC to reduce and eliminate the risk of viral and bacterial transmissions.  Our industrial laundry process is highly effective due to among other things:  hot water temperatures, chemistry (detergent/bleach/peroxide), and finishing (drying/steaming/ finishing).  In addition, all equipment is wiped down and sanitized after it comes in contact with soiled linen.
  • Personal Hygiene: Constant discussions are had and postings have been hung regarding proper cleanliness and health procedures.  In addition, hand sanitizers and antibacterial soap have been made more readily available to all employees.  As always, barrier gowns, masks and gloves are available to all employees. They are, however and always have been, mandatory for those that work with soiled medical linen.  In addition, we are following all recommendations handed down from the CDC and the WHO (World Health Organization) regarding employee health and safety.
  • Cleaning:  Within our facilities, we have increased the cleaning frequency of all common and high traffic areas including:  break rooms, bathrooms, and offices.  Specific areas of focus include:  tables, chairs, desks, handrails, light switches, keyboards and equipment controls.

Like many other organizations, Sohn Linen Service, Inc. is currently planning contingency plans to be implemented if and/or when circumstances dictate.  Such contingency plans might include working from home, reduced staffing, and restricting travel outside the United States.  Hopefully none of these things will be necessary, but we are committed to being as prepared as possible for this situation or any other that might arise in the future.

We will offer information and updates as the situation develops.  We know our employees, customers and community are strong and resilient, and we look forward to working with everyone to successfully navigate these challenges.

Thank you for your patience and understanding

Sohn Linen Service, Inc.