High Quality and Dependable Linen Service in Ann Arbor, MI

Sohn Linen Service provides high-quality medical and restaurant linen service in Ann Arbor! Our central location in Lansing allows us to efficiently serve businesses in Ann Arbor with regular and reliable deliveries.

Sohn Linen Service is your friendly neighborhood linen supplier–plus, we’re certified hygienically clean, which means our linens are guaranteed to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. There’s no need to worry about cross-contamination when Sohn Linen Service is on laundry duty!

Restaurant Linen Rentals

We understand the importance of keeping restaurant linens clean and well-maintained. Which is why we offer a variety of restaurant linen services, including table linens, napkins, aprons, and kitchen towels that are cleaned and returned to you every week. Our team of professionals will ensure that your restaurant always has clean and crisp linens to impress your customers.

Medical Linen Rentals

Sohn Linen Service also provides medical linens to healthcare facilities in Ann Arbor. Our medical linen services include patient gowns, lab coats, scrubs, towels, and more. We use the latest technology and industry best practices to ensure that all medical linens are hygienically cleaned and properly sanitized.

Contact Sohn Linen Service today to learn more about our services in Ann Arbor and how we can provide your business with quality linen services.