Mop Rentals Make
Your Floors Sparkle

Restaurant Mop Cropped

At Sohn Linen Service, we offer a variety of mops in our mop rental service to suit the unique needs of your restaurant or kitchen. 

From traditional cotton mops to high-tech microfiber options, these mops are designed to effectively clean and sanitize your floors. By using our mops, you'll ensure that your kitchen and restaurant surfaces stay cleaner with fresh, clean mop heads delivered every week. Don't let a dirty floor negatively impact your brand image, say goodbye to old, worn out, and smelly mops that can carry germs and actually make your floors dirtier! 

Plus, with our selection of microfiber mops, you can achieve a deeper clean that can help reduce the spread of germs and bacteria compared to regular cloth cleaning mops. Our mop rental service is a simple and convenient solution to add to your rental program to help keep your business cleaner.

Types of Mops We Offer:

Dust Mops


Wet Mops


Mop Handles & Frames


Weekly or bi-weekly mop service is available. Call us or reach out to us today to learn more. Current customers, you can also ask your Sohn Linen Service Representative at your next delivery.